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Four benefits of healthy snacking

Who doesn’t love to snack?
While almost all of us love a small bite in between meals, or a quick snack with friends, how many of us can say we are truly mindful when we eat?
Mindful snacking reaps significant benefits to our health and wellbeing. Many people today are shying away from snacking as feelings of guilt linger when we mention sugar-loaded goodies or decadent cakes and chips. It is important to remember that satisfying hunger doesn't have to be this way! (Gluttony excluded!). You can improve your snacking habits by examining the ingredients and contents in your snack.

1. Increased and sustainable energy
A snack filled with protein, heart-healthy fats and fiber can give you a lengthy energy boost, providing sustainable energy throughout your day. Based on a study conducted by the Harvard Medical School, it was found that it is not the time or frequency of snacking which directly leads to weight gain or lethargy. The main factor is actually the content of the snack which determines its impact on your health. A balanced, nutrient-dense snack is a stable source of energy, while snacks filled with sugar spike insulin production, giving you an energy peak followed by an episode of exhaustion, causing unpredictable energy dips throughout the day.
2. Control your appetite
In-between meals snacking keeps your hunger under control and allows you to stick to a moderate amount of food when you do eat your next meal. Be mindful to choose healthy snacks with low calories and small portion sizes to satisfy your food cravings.
3. Improved focus
Enjoying a healthy snack with a low glycemic index during the day can help increase productivity by up to twenty percent, claims a study by the World Health organization. Light low-GI snacks will help maintain concentration, boost mood, and refine your productivity, making it easier to get your work done more efficiently and effectively.
4.  Health improvements
Healthy snacks and superfoods, like Water Lily Pops, offer unique health benefits, including boosting your immune system, improving metabolic activity and providing slow-releasing energy. To read more about the powers of superfoods, see our blog post on the cultural significance and health benefits of Makhana.

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