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It's like popcorn, but better.

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An Ancient Superfood

Makhana popping process water lily pops seeds are harvested from water in bihar then roasted and popped using a pitna

Himalayan Pink Salt

get salty

Peri Peri

Spice me up!


You got me at coco

Cinnamon Caramel

Cinna - mmm!

Happy customers

I love this! Very tasty! Repeat order this round and I order other flavours as well. My favourite snack for now.

Chloe E.

These are good! Reallllly goood! Tasty while I knew I was eating something healthy! Best of both worlds. Can’t be beat.

Ajeesh A.

I enjoy it most when I get the fluffier pieces that pop - much fluffier and more satisfying than popcorn!

Harris G.
ZENKO superfoods Wouter Jochim

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