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Are you nuts about Coco?

Do you know that Coconuts are packed with a whole lot of minerals and vitamins vital to our body! Local favourites such as nyonya kueh, nasi lemak and bubur cha cha have been using coconuts for decades! It is not until recently that there is a spike in the consumption of coconuts in so many different ways! 

HealthXchange by SingHealth recently published an article about coconuts and its mass market appeal and success. 

In case you didn't even realise, but does any of these of our favourite Top 5 local foods with coconut ring any bell?

1. Nasi Lemak 

2. Kaya

3. Chendol

4. Ondeh-ondeh

5. Kueh Salat

Sometimes we might even forget we are able to get so much out of this one fruit! 

At ZENKO Superfoods, as we unlock the world and re-discover foods, we constantly make sure you are getting the best out of our products! 

For every pack of our Coconut Water Lily Pops, we roast the Makhana with only the highest quality and freshest ingredients. You get to taste coconut in its most original form from the shredded coconut flesh, and coconut oil. 

That’s why when you open a pack of our Coconut Water Lily Pops, you’ll always be greeted by the same familiar fragrance. Its rich and creamy taste will leave you craving for more!!

While Coconuts may have all the good minerals and vitamins, we still need to make sure we are consuming them in good moderations because of its high fat content. Be sure not to go nuts about coco! 

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