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Introducing Ancient Grain Granola: Where pleasure meets health!

Hey there, it’s ZENKO, and we’re back with another big milestone in our adventure: we have created THE BEST GRANOLA YOU’LL EVER TASTE! 😋

We're not just saying this; we've conducted many blind taste tests with people and every time, they've chosen our granola as their No.1 choice compared to all other brands available. Interested in giving them a try too?

The best granola you'll ever taste

We have been making snacks from Sorghum for a few years now, an ancient superfood celebrated as the grain of the future for its climate-resistant properties. Building on our experience with water lily seeds and sorghum, we discovered that popping seeds and grains could open up a whole new food experience. In the process, we stumbled upon a traditional method to pop sorghum, turning them into tiny popcorns. Our team then used their creativity to infuse these tiny popcorns with delicious flavors, giving birth to our ancient grain clusters.

To our surprise, customers started becoming very creative with the popped sorghum, using the clusters as toppings on their desserts, mixing them with other snacks, and most commonly, pouring milk over the tiny pops to enjoy as breakfast. When we tried this ourselves we didn’t expect the result to be so tasty, flavored popped sorghum that melts in your mouth while  retaining its satisfying crunch, like airy clouds dancing on your tongue.

And so, a new adventure began, to turn this new discovery into the best breakfast product we could make. For a full year, our team worked on researching the breakfast industry and trying every single product on the market. We were about to step into a new territory, and we wanted to be well-prepared.

What we noticed in our research was that most granolas had one thing in common: they were l mainly made from oats. Just oats. The only differentiating factor between different brands would be the flavor. This made us think, what if we bring granola to another level by incorporating  a variety of ancient grains? Could it add a new dimension to the texture? Could it taste better than the granolas we tried? And what would the ultimate nutritional benefits be? 

These questions led to a series of trials using multiple different ancient grains, and the results exceeded our expectations. The biggest surprise was the addition of pearl millet and finger millet, two ancient grains that have been celebrated by the United Nations, who declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets.

Granola unique selling proposition

Our Granola is crafted from a unique blend of nutritious Ancient grains like Popped Sorghum, Pearl Millet and Australian Oats. Beyond being so delicious, it's also a nutritional powerhouse loaded with nuts and seeds, rich in essential minerals like magnesium and iron-  a treat for your taste buds and a boost for your overall health and wellness.

The Exclusive Deluxe Set features two amazing flavors – Chocolate Trail Mix 🍫🌰 & Golden Honey Crunch 🍯🐝. We cannot wait for you to try them and let us know which one is your favorite!

At ZENKO, all our products are natural, plant-based, halal-certified and gluten-free, making your snacking experience guilt-free. You can enjoy every bite to the fullest and enjoy a boost to your digestion with our rich source of dietary fiber. 

Let’s embark on this delicious journey together and make breakfast better with the best Granola you’ll ever taste! 🥣🌾

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