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Re-discovering the beauty of Bihar

The treasure chest of Makhana in Northeast India

Sharing its northern border with Nepal is Bihar, a Northeast Indian state which enjoys the natural beauty of the Himalayan foothills. Laying vast and open at the foot of the Nepal's mountain ranges, this is the place of enlightenment of Buddha and was once the educational hub of India. It is also where most of the world's Makhana (popped water lily seeds) comes from - truly a cultural symbol representing Bihar’s beauty and rich history.

Bihar is located in a subtropical climate, experiencing hot and humid summers and cold winters. Recent droughts due to lessened rainfalls in the winters and flooding due to increased Nepalese runoff in the summers have placed tremendous stress on the agricultural state.

In addition to its agricultural production, Bihar is known for its religious past, with several iconic landmarks to visit and experience. Because of its representation of the state’s ancient buddhist teachings, the Nalanda Monastery located southeast of the state capital Patna is a popular site for Bihar tourism. Bihar is also home to a few ancient Hindu temples located in Gaya, a city that remains of critical importance to both the Hindu and Buddhist religions.

Although the state’s history shines bright with religious teachings, agriculture, and progress, Bihar today is a far-cry from what it once was. Although Bihar holds the youngest average population of all Indian states, eighty percent of that population depend on the state’s drudging agriculture industry. As a result, Bihar has been socially and economically left behind. With the help of ZENKO Superfoods and the re-discovery of Makhana, we are putting these issues back in the spotlight, and shining new light and hope into Bihar. By re-discovering Makhana, we are unlocking Bihar.

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