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Must try new Water Lily Pop flavours!

It is no secret anymore as we have finally revealed our brand new look and flavours! 


Ever since the start of our company in 2019, we have been continuously trying to focus on improving our supply chain, products and services. From the quality and flavour of our snacks to the packaging and pricing of it, we have been working on all aspects to give you a superfood snack that you can enjoy and that we can be proud of.

Upon receiving feedback from our customers, we have come to realise that many prefer the savoury pops over the sweet ones and we have thus decided to focus more on this flavour profile for our Water Lily Pop series. After much ideation and several taste tests, we have finally come up with our two new flavours: Original & Cheddar Cheese

The Original is the favourite of our co-founder Jochim, who munches on them on a daily basis while touring the factory. Not surprisingly, it's been our most passionate customers who have been asking for the most natural version of the snack they love. It's obvious that this is our healthiest flavour, with only a subtle hint of olive oil. And thanks to its simplicity, you get the freedom to experiment and flavour the pops yourself!

Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Cheese lovers rejoice as our Cheddar Cheese pops are here! We were flooded with many requests to give cheese a chance and we are glad we did. It is irresistibly addictive as the creaminess is well complemented by a light touch of spice for that extra kick. Many have compared it to "Cheetos, but better and healthier"!

For those with a sweet-tooth, fear not, we have not forgotten about you! Keep a watch out on our website as we have a new product coming out just for you in Golden Honey and Dark Chocolate.

The road to perfection never ends. Whether it is suggesting your favourite flavours we should try or better improvements to our product, we would love to hear more valuable feedback from you! Drop us a comment on our website or email us at contact@zenkosuperfoods.com.


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