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Your Next Binge: Our top 3 favourite Netflix Adventure Movie

Tired of the crazy crowd at town but still want some fun and adventure? Well, fret not because ZENKO got you and your buddies covered. Let’s get cozy this weekend with some of our all-time favourite Netflix adventure films. Also, what’s a movie night without some snack? Grab some water lily pops and let’s Netflix and Chill!

The Maze Runner

    First up, we have our marketing intern aka couch potato, Charmaine’s recommendation! Sit tight as your heart undergoes the many thrills from The Maze Runner. Featuring Dylan O’Brien as Thomas, Thomas found himself trapped in a massive maze – the Glade. Abruptly casted away in a foreign environment filled with dangerous creatures and obstacles, Thomas and his friends seek to escape and eventually discovered the untold truth.

    Alike Thomas seeking an escape, our water lily pops is your breakaway to healthier snacking. Before we forget, the big question: Did Thomas and his friends ultimately escape or were they trapped at the mercy of those creatures? We shall not spoil the movie any further. Hop onto your couch, grab a pack of water lily pops and join them on their thrilling escape!

    Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


      “I thoroughly enjoyed this film! It was one filled with much adventure and thrills yet packed with humour and love as these teens worked to understand one another and forged a friendship beyond mere selfish survival.” (Sharul, ZENKO’s Operations Manager)

      Have you ever wanted to be a video game character? Well, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is your dream come true. A fantasy adventure comedy film featuring movie stars Dwayne Johnson as Spencer, Kevin Hart as Fridge and many more actors sparked in an old detention room and a discarded video game.

      Upon starting the game, they are sucked into Jumanji, landing in a jungle as their chosen characters. Trapped in this mysterious place and dawned with their new identities, these 4 rebellious teenagers fought for their freedom back to reality, as they dealt with monstrous and out-of-the-world creatures and elements.

      However, here’s the twist, unlike video games, where we die and restart, the group find three marks on their arms denoting lives. If they lose all three, they die in reality.

      Intrigued to find out what happened at the end? Gather your movie buddies and water lily pops. Check out with “ADVENTURE5 for $5 off our water lily pops with no minimum spending.

      Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

        Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Review - HeyUGuys

        Finally, we’ve got our founder’s personal pick, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Are you missing all the travel fun, the island hopping, pre-flight selfies and travel ootds? Well, honestly us too. Despite the pandemic, we can still have fun on our sunny island.

        Buckle up, as we are headed for another adventure! I am sure you’ve had your share of fun, perhaps, on a thrilling rollercoaster ride or a trip to explore Singapore. Well, none of that would prepare you for what’s to be expected in this movie.

        Brace yourself for weird sightings (spoilers: miniature elephants and giant butterflies) as you find yourself trapped in a mysterious island. You may be inclined to stay given all the beautiful sceneries and surreal nature. 

        However, that’s not the case for Hank (Dwayne Johnson), Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens) and the rest who are frantically seeking an escape. With danger at every corner, will they manage to free themselves for this island? Also, why are they escaping this seemingly beautiful place?

        Well, no more spoilers. Grab the movie essentials – pillows, blankets, friends, water lily pops and let’s go on an adventure to this mysterious island!

        In case you missed our exclusive survival snack for your adventure, check out with “ADVENTURE5” for $5 off our pops with no minimum spending.

        We hope you enjoyed our team’s recommendation. Stay tuned to our blog and Instagram (@zenkosuperfoods) for more interesting posts. Here’s to a thrilling weekend and more adventures together.

        Written By: Goh Jing Yi, Charmaine 

        Updated: 21 January 2021 

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