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Bye Bye Popcorn, Hey Water Lily Pops!


Remember how in the 2000s, date nights were cosying up with the girl/boy of your dreams in the cinemas, each awkwardly trying to reach for popcorn? Remember playfully fighting over which flavour to get - sweet? Savoury? Or better still, a mix of both? Remember trying to remove the stubborn popcorn bit stuck to your front tooth before your date saw it? A total disgrace, you thought.




Then, Netflix rose up to fame in the next decade, changing our dating habits forever with “Wanna Netflix and chill?”. Obviously, it wasn’t just about Netflix. It was the snack that came with it. Bags of chips, bars of chocolate, and the luscious, gooey caramel popcorn, we all know it was an absolutely sweet night. No doubt, we also gained many more pounds with our unhealthy late-night snacking habits.


Bye Bye Popcorn, you’re Passe.

The end of an era is here. This decade, we promise to bring you kernel-free, low-fat, healthy (not popcorn) Water Lily Pops! This ancient superfood from the Himalayan foothills is the hottest rising superfood of this decade, promising you a delicious AND naturally healthy alternative to popcorn!

Harvested in ponds by farmers for thousands of years, the seeds of the Water Lily flower are roasted before being popped open while they are still hot. These pops - also locally known as Makhana - taste lighter and crunchier than popcorn, without the risk of corn kernels or unpleasant unpopped seeds in the lot.

Best Kept Secret of the Himalayas

What makes Water Lily Pops even more promising as a snack is the plethora of health benefits it has. It is a prominent Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ingredient for more than 2000 years. Water Lily Pops are:

  • Light, crunchy, and guilt-free
  • Plant-based 100% natural seeds, gluten-free, no preservatives
  • High in protein, low in fat and calories, no trans-fat
  • Low in GI, excellent in improving heart health, lowering blood pressure
  • A good source of fibre, improving digestion and kidney health
  • High in antioxidants and strengthens the body
  • Good source of magnesium and potassium, rare minerals your body need
  • An ancient aphrodisiac

ZENKO Superfoods produces them in 4 tantalising flavours

In Singapore, Wouter and Jochim saw the amazing potential of Water Lily Pops and started their own snack company ZENKO Superfoods. With a mission to Re-discover Food, and Unlock the World, the young Belgian duo released Asia’s first on-the-go Water Lily Pops available in four flavours. They are:

Himalayan Pink Salt: For the salty baes

Peri Peri: For the smokin’ hot dates

Coconut: For the beach baes

Cinnamon Caramel: For the sweet girl/boy-next-doors

The next time you’re going to the cinemas or streaming your next online movie, don’t forget to let bae know you’ve got his/her back by surprising her/him with this superfood-champion Water Lily Pops! What a snack it must be ;)

ZENKO Superfoods’ mission is to re-discover the superfoods which carry deep cultural history and significance from regions all over the world. ZENKO’s first mission was to explore the beautiful region of Bihar, India, where we re-discovered the ancient Indian superfood Makhana.

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