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Why Superfoods?

Why superfoods are good for you by ZENKO Superfoods

The word “Superfood” has taken the world by storm, sweeping up the conversations and research subjects of nutrition fanatics and experts for the last 20 years. But what exactly is this 21st century buzz word?

What makes a superfood a superfood?

For most, superfoods are a range of natural products that offer health benefits with positive effects on your body. Every product has its own unique mix of qualities and positive effects, with typically one or two extremely high levels of desirable nutrients. For example, some enhance your metabolism, others boost your immune system, and some provide a major energy boost.

Due to the constant pull towards the convenience of salty, sugary and unhealthy snacks, ZENKO believes that making a single healthy choice to consume a nourishing superfood snack is the first step to improving daily routines and carving out a path towards a happier and healthier body and mind.

Superfoods harvesting with farmers in Bihar by ZENKO Superfoods


Our philosophy: ZENKO’s slogan, Re-discover Food, Unlock the World, highlights that our desire to nourish our bodies with superfoods like Makhana not only fulfills a health-based need, but also acts as a medium to explore the world’s most coveted and ancient culinary treasures. Choosing to eat Makhana supports the hard-working farmers who share their powerful crops with us. We strive to shine a light on the complex farming processes of cultivating crops like water lily seeds. By snacking on ZENKO’s Superfoods, you’re nourishing your body, discovering new cultures and helping to improve the lives of those who make your healthy snacking possible.

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